'Lone Pine' Trading and Services (my grandfather’s ‘Indian’ nickname for me) was established in 2010, after having spent five years as Project Manager for a major live seafood exporter.  In the combined thirteen years I have invested in Queensland’s seafood industry, there have been many opportunities to support fishermen and their families as they struggle to maintain their livelihoods in an ever increasing environment of complexity, rising costs, and political scape-goating.   Some of the highlights of my representation include:

  • Industry Representative on Reef Management Advisory Committee (2006-2008).  During this period I helped successfully lobby for the removal of 30 day minimum quota transfer periods, a 68% reduction of Spawning Closures, increased tender limits, and relaxation of filleting permit conditions among other productivity measures.
  • Member of Cyclone Hamish Recovery Group (2009) Keynote speaker at the U.S. State Department-sponsored WWF Sustainable Seafood Conference in Hong Kong, presenting our world-class fishery model of production and supply chain. (2009) Successful advocacy on behalf of Trinity Bay net fishermen against CAREFISH, CAFNEC and State MP for Barron River, Steve Wettinall; who wished to close the area to commercial netting. (2011)
  • Successful advocacy on behalf of live coral trout fishermen against CT quota unit reduction (2012)  
  • Of course, I also perform the traditional brokerage tasks of helping folks buy what they need and sell what they no longer need!  With over two million quota units traded, and hundreds of licences and symbols; I have an extensive (and often exclusive) industry network to draw upon.

After my children and family, I am most proud of the people that I meet, do business with, and become friends with here in my chosen industry.  Unlike most brokers, I do not have a life-long commercial fishing background.  What I do have is a deep and abiding respect for all of you who work tirelessly to provide our fellow Queenslanders (and the world) with the highest quality, sustainably caught, healthy seafood.  It is an honour to contribute my ability to advocatefor, and problem-solve on behalf of my clients; and to positively promote our industry whenever possible.  I am grateful for your support of my business, and I am at your service.

Jay Clark


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