Latest Fisheries News Articles

  • We need to encourage this kind of rational scientific journalism!- 6/2/17 Dr. Colin Simpfendorfer from JCU offers a sober, honest critique of the global "ban all shark fishing" agenda.  A good read!
  • Fish kills NOT blamed on Pro's for a change!- 20/1/17 Granted, it has to happen all the way out in Charleville to avoid being blamed...but still!
  • Illegal Poaching continues!- 15/1/17 Our authorities spend BILLIONS keeping out thousands of vulnerable people arriving by boat...but we can't seem to stop criminals who plunder our stocks...maybe because they go back where they came from!?? 
  • It's a Dog Act Mate!- 14/1/17 It's bad enough that crocs, hawks and the occasional fox pilfer our pots...but that is their nature.  Cameras are increasingly being used to deter certain others from succumbing to their own 'animal' natures.  
  • Social Media monitoring exposes illegal sale of seafood- 13/1/17 Fisheries Queensland is investigating reports of Hervey Bay Rec fishermen offering seafood for sale online.
  • Shoalwater Bay expansion at the expense of fishermen- 10/1/17 Clint Waldon talks about his family business and the impact that the proposed expansion will have on his livelihood.
  • Illegal Rec fishing punished at Ayr- 9/1/17 Good to read these stories, and personally, I am happy they are jacking up the infringements.  I would still like to see a Rec license that can be suspended.  Respect the resource of lose access!
  • Show us yer Freckl...!- 8/1/17 Sorry...I couldn't resist the pun!  A beautiful lady doing a beautiful!
  • The ill-logic of importing unsafe seafood- 6/1/17 A far north reporter hits the nail on the head regarding our backwards fisheries management practices.
  • White Spot Action- 22/12/16 Biosecurity Queensland announces destruction activities in the Logan region are completed.
  • White Spot Outbreak in SEQ- 13/12/16 The aquaculture industry has a lot to answer for!
  • Drone Fishing- Dec 2016 Amateurs are now using drone tech to fly baits out off Queensland beaches...not sure how I feel about this one..

That's Wild and The Fisherman's Portal- An industry association and branding initiative committed to improving of the image of our industry and sustainable fisheries management practices.

Drawing The Line- A film about our industry's battle for survival against  our state and federal governments' increasingly irrational efforts to over-protect our marine resources.  Bruce Davey and his team have done a wonderful job producing this film...please share it!

Crab Watch Queensland- A Facebook page for reporting, naming and shaming illegal crabbing activity.  Like it...share it...Use it!

Check out Andrew Ettingshausen's new series, Reel Heroes on Fox Discovery Channel!

ABC Rural Report (Fisheries)- Reporting and coverage of Queensland and national stories relating to fisheries and aquaculture.

Queensland Fisheries- The starting point for descriptions, information and forms elating to the multitude of commercial fisheries in Queensland.  Direct links to:

  • Symbols, Catch Reporting, Fees and Forms
  • Fishnet- View the Public register and gain access to quota usage summaries and other useful reports, or log onto Fishnet Secure, which allows you to view your personal quota usage and transfer units electronically.  I highly recommend this service to all participants in quota related fisheries.  The service is free and as simple to use as internet banking.

Marine Safety Queensland- For issues relating to marine safety standards and national vessel survey requirements.

Commonwealth Marine Reserves- Check on all the latest news and updates relating to proposed Marine Protected Areas.

Queensland Fisheries Reviews page- A quick link to the various reviews currently under way in our state fisheries.

Species Tracking project- A very worthwhile environmental project that asks citizens to help track species habitat migration throughout Australian coastal waters.

Queensland Seafood Industry Association- The peak industry representative body for the Queensland commercial fishing sector.

Youtube Links

I hope you enjoy watching some of these great videos that espouse the spirit and enthusiasm of commercial fishermen, both here in Australia and around the world.  If you know of a good video, please send me the link so I can post it here.

Sydney Fisherman Richie Bagnato on supplying the public with fresh seafood.

Faces of Fishing 3- NT trapping

Faces of Fishing 4- NT Barra

Jeff Heriot and his mate Shane snapper fishing (I like the soundtrack...even though the Broncos lose!)

Long-lining out of Tassie

Angling for a Future- A great video showing how at-risk youth are being encouraged into the Australian commercial fishing industry.  Check out the Australian Commercial Fishing Federation Facebook page HERE!!

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