Listing ID ET1591-


10,000 East Coast Trawl Units: $.85/unit + GST

(minimum lease 1000 units)

Listing ID RQ17071:

Up to 6 MT CT quota (unused for 2017-18)

Price: $42/kg +GST                                                                            

Listing ID AA1704-

1000kg CT (used for 2016-17)

Price: $44/kg +GST

SOLD 12/7/17

WANTED: CT quota to buy Please call to discuss prices

Reef Quota Leasing:

Whether you are looking to secure your season's requirements, or you have run out of quota mid-trip because you're on a patch; I can help.  I provide all types and quantities of RQ and SM quota (usually in real time); generally with 7 days payment terms. Lease prices for quota will vary based on current market, quantities and payment terms.  If the need is urgent, please text me your requirements and licence number for the quickest response: 0400 417 467

Trawl Units and SC:

Please contact me with your requirements.

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