New Listings on 15/1/17-see below

Licences/Symbols for Sale:


SM SYMBOL and N3 symbol

New Listing ID: RS 1704-


Price: $29,000+GST

RQ(0) Symbol only- $12,500+GST

L3(1) Base license w/C2/C3- $19,000+GST

Listing ID: MH1701-

SM(2)-Symbol only

$21,000 +GST

Sold 10/2/17

Listing ID: NH1701-

Primary with N2/N11/S/L2/RQ has some C1 history as well

$180,000+GST neg.

Listing ID: EH1506-

L4(2) + Primary

Price: $35,000  (will sell symbol only- $20k)

Listing ID: GJ1703-

Reef Line/Spanner package: L3(1)/RQ(1)/C2/C3+ small RQ quota parcel

Price: $25,000+GST

SOLD 4/4/17

Listing ID: GW1508

Pearl Fishery symbol (P)- 1 of only 6 in Qld!

Price: $15,000 +GST

NEW Listing ID: BP1703-

L2/RQ+4 license

Price: $42,000 + GST

Listing ID: BP1621-

C1 (symbol only)

Price: $50,000 + GST

SOLD 10/1/17

Listing ID: CJ1507-

Base licence with L2(1)/RQ(1)/L3(0)

Price: $28,000

Sold 10/2/17


SM, N11, N1 and N2 symbols

Call for price

Licences for Lease:

Listing ID DH1701-

c1/C2/L3(0) license

12 month lease available Feb 1

6,200.00 +GST

Leased 15/2/17

Listing ID: PF1706-


Price $5,800 + GST

Listing ID: PF17061-

             L2(2)/RQ(4)/SM(4)- RQ quota available with license separately               

Price: $6000.00 +GST

Listing ID: CD1611-


Price: $5000 + GST

Listing ID: JM1608-


Price: $7000.00 + GST/ 6 month lease available

Leased 15/6/17

Listing ID: AH1611-


Price: $5000 + GST/ 6 month lease available

LEASED 10/6/17

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